Clorox targets Hispanic market with new cleaning line

OAKLAND, Calif. — Clorox has launched a new line of products designed to appeal to Hispanic scent preferences and unique approach to cleaning. The Clorox Fraganzia line of products is available now at major national retailers and consists of three products designed to imbue the Hispanic home with welcoming, clean, fresh scents. They are: a multi-purpose dilutable cleaner, toilet bowl rim hanger, and aerosol air freshener.

Through its research, Clorox determined Hispanics often approach cleaning in a three-stage process: cleaning, disinfecting and aromatizing. With the Clorox Fraganzia launch, Clorox effectively addresses the aromatizing stage in the process, complementing its portfolio of cleaning and disinfection solutions (which include its iconic bleach and disposable wipes, among other products) and offering its Hispanic customers a full-range solution with which to address all three stages of the process.

David Cardona, Clorox multi-cultural team leader, explained, "We identified this valuable opportunity based on the unique needs and lifestyle of our Hispanic customers.  By introducing the Clorox Fraganzia line, Clorox now offers its Hispanic customers a turn-key portfolio of cleaning, disinfecting and aromatizing products that are attractively priced and were created specifically to appeal to the way they clean. We also addressed an important need by ensuring scent continuity in our Clorox Fraganzia aromatizing produ