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NEW: The 3 biggest problems in retail execution and how you can avoid them

It’s no secret that quality retail execution is essential to drive sales. How can you take control of execution at the store level? Gigwalk measured the quality of retail execution by deploying their smartphone army of 400,000 people to audit retailers across the country. See what they found in this whitepaper.  


The Blueprint for Holiday Retail Execution

The holiday season marks one of the last opportunities of the year to drive sales. In order to maximize revenue, retailers and manufacturers must work together. This white paper introduces five strategies for retailer and manufacturer collaboration to improve merchandising, drive sales, and motivate their workforce.  


Change in store 

Now is the time for retail execution that is more precise than it's ever been. Conventional retailers — and their suppliers — must alter their operations in an effort to compete with online retailing. What are some of the missteps brands and retailers have made? And how is technology helping to improve the focus on merchandising while also streamlining the costs associated with doing so?  


Using mobility for seasonal retail execution 

It's wise to devote attention to winter holiday execution, but should other holidays be ignored? How much is your company focusing on retail audits to support peak performance and sales throughout the year? Are opportunities to optimize your retail execution during Valentine's Day, back-to-school season and Halloween going untapped?


5 reasons your back-to-school retail execution must be flawless

Back-to-school shoppers spent more than $83 billion in 2012. Are you doing all you can to maximize your sales during the second biggest spending season of the year? Learn why it’s crucial that your retail execution is flawless, and how mobility can help you get on-demand results.


Case study — Reckitt Benckiser: Taking control of holiday sales

The Q4 holidays are an intense time of year. Sales expectations are high and the pressure is on to meet goals before the end of the year. What can a consumer goods company do to address sales when customer research studies and broker audits take so long to complete?


Case study — Oasis Healthcare: An epic tale about the battle for shelf space

Small manufacturers face serious constraints. They invest heavily in developing innovative products and work hard to land placement only to lack the in-house resources and field support to optimize retail execution. When sales determine a product’s fate, how can an independent brand make sure merchandising is on point nationwide?


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